The F*Balm | Moisturizing Flavoured Lip Balm



Our deliciously velvety lip balms bring life back to your tired, dry lips.  Created with all-natural ingredients, these balms lock moisture in deep that lasts for daaaaaaays. Well, hours, but it'll feel like days!

0.19 oz   |   5.5g
Made in Saskatchewan 

About The F*Balm

"Ridiculously Good Lip Balm. We're more than just luscious lips here at F*Balm. We like a little excess, just like you. We like happy hours and appy hours. We like coffee shops and all the hot goss. We prefer dogs over cats, though cats are pretty boss. What does that make dogs? Super boss. We care about the environment and the humans that occupy it. We care about recycling and not putting ugly shit on your lips. We care about leaving this world a little better today than we did yesterday, and we believe in bettering ourselves in the process at every turn. We believe in giving back for the sake of doing better, not simply to be fiscal. Simply put, we make products that work, simply. It's lip balm. It shouldn't require a manual, it should do it's bloody job, and it shouldn't cost you your third born. We make it because we love it, and we hope you'll love it too."