Happy Hippo Bath | Mini Bubble Bombs



Mini bath bombs are a great way to add just the right amount of bath bomb to any bath. Add a few- add a lot.

Drop the mini bath bombs into the bath and watch to color burst out of each bomb, releasing skin softening goodness and soothing scent while it covers the bath with tiny bubbles.

Get creative with colors and make art with the swirls of color.

Perfect for sensitive skin. 

  • Paraben | SLS | Sulfate Free | 100% Vegan | +98% Natural

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GumDrop Smells Like: Handmade gumdrop candy with a hint of apple
Rainbow Smells Like: Fresh berries with a lemony twist
Monster Mash Smells Like: Fall spices, straight from the cauldron
Galaxy Smells Like: Wild desert flowers and agave nectar
Candy Shop Smells Like:  Sweet, tropical flavoured candy
Lavender Smells Like:  Fields of lavender
Eucalyptus Smells Like: A forest 
Peach Parfait Smells Like: Sweet, spun candy floss
Strawberry Sangria Smells Like: Fresh strawberries with notes of apple and citrus
Unicorn Poop Smells Like: Sweet, spun candy floss
Shark Attack Smells Like: Black cherry icecream
Reindeer Poop Smells Like: Christmas cookies
Llama Poop Smells Like: Sun kissed citrus and sweet candy
Citrus Splash Smells Like: Freshly sliced citrus fruits