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Bamboo Hair Brush

Our sustainable bamboo hair brushes have smooth, rounded bamboo bristles to massage and stimulate the scalp and a natural rubber base for added cushion. Our bamboo brushes are 100% plastic free, vegan and biodegradable. We have chosen this bamboo paddle brush for its large surface area to help reduce breakage and increase blood flow to your scalp, gently stimulating with every stroke. We recommend using our brush to reduce static and add extra shine to your hair. Plastic brushes increase the electric charge in your hair which leads to static and frizz which, let's face it, is both annoying and uncomfortable. Bamboo has a neutral charge so it will not cause static to build up leaving your hair smooth, shiny and manageable.

Our bamboo brush is great for those with sensitive scalps as the bristles are rounded with no potential for catching hairs, making the brushing process more enjoyable.

Pro tip: Our leave In Conditioners make brushing much more enjoyable. Always starts brushing from the ends and work your way up to the roots.

Scalp Massager

Wheat straw hair shampoo brush with soft silicone scalp massagers. Scalp massagers create a good environment for hair growth. The treatment promotes circulation to the hair follicles. It can exfoliate, loosen debris and dandruff, and increase follicle circulation. Scalp massagers allows serums and hair products to work better adding lustre and shine to your hair. They also feel amazing and can be used for a head massage anytime. 

Shower Containers

These stylish, 100% backyard compostable shower containers have been crafted in a design that allows water to drain completely through the container and away from your shampoo and conditioner bars, extending their lifespan. The removable lid protects your bars from water when not in use and doubles as a base when the bars are in use away from the water. It works fabulously for storing your shampoo and conditioner bars in your shower or on your countertop and doubles as a travel container. Simply wrap an elastic or hair tie around the container to hold it closed as it does not snap together. Each container is custom printed with the Jack59 logo. Our compostable containers are designed and manufactured in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Each container holds 2 bars of your choice and are stackable. The dimensions of the container are: Height=9cm, Length (across front view)=8cm, Width=7.5cm

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